Mount Princeton Hot Springs

It rained overnight but was done by morning and the giant puddle that covered half our campsite had actually gone down some. Animal got out her magic car camping bins and made an amazing breakfast and then we sat around chatting waiting for the sun to come over the trees to dry our tents. Eventually we realized that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon so we just wiped them down and started packing. I had to switch out a few things and sort through the resupply Jeremiah had brought out for me so it took longer than normal.

We finally were all packed and drove back to Mount Princeton Hot Springs. We got day passes and towels, I took a quick shower, then we headed to the lower pools.

The natural pools along the creek weren’t working out for us. It was hard to find a spot with a good temperature, so we moved to the swimming pools they pump the water into instead. Those were nice and relaxing but it didn’t take long before we decided to check out the upper pools and 400′ water slide instead.

The upper pools were way better! Not just the water slide, but a nice infinity pool with a view of Mount Princeton and less of a swimming pool vibe. We had to do the slide a few times before just soaking.

We had a late lunch at the food truck there and then Animal had to hit the road. Jeremiah and I found a tree to throw our packs under and went back and forth from shade to soaking a few more times. At 4:00, I admitted I was done and went to take one more shower. By the time we packed up and had a snack, it was after 5.

We had several miles of road walking uphill to get back to trail and then it was just a short distance to Dry Creek with its nice big campsite just south of the creek after 4.6 miles. By the time we were set up and eating dinner it was dark, but it was worth it to spend time at the hot springs all day.

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  1. So amazing! Love those water slide pics!!

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