Mount Rainier National Park

I spent the morning climbing up to the boundary of Mount Rainier National Park, which I spent the rest of the day crossing back and forth over. There were great views of the mountain.




I met my first thru rider today. Rhonda travels with a riding horse and a pack horse and only does about fifteen miles a day. I would have expected more, but she needs to spend time cleaning up her campsite in the morning, sometimes getting logs off the trail, walking the horses through difficult sections, etc. Her husband meets her at roads to resupply her. Check out her blog.


I made it down to Chinook Pass and found Steve doing trail magic. His wife hikes, and he acts the trail angel for everyone. He fed me enough food for dinner, and then we did a few more miles to camp at Sheep Lake. 18.5 miles for the day.

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  1. Thru-hiking on horse. Nice. I just watched a movie of a woman who went across desert in Australia by camel in the 60s or 70s. Pretty neat.

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