Urich Cabin

I woke up in a cloud and it took a few miles of hiking to get out of it. Once I did, there was a cold breeze all day.



I ran into some friends at lunch and we all intended to do a big mileage day and camp at the same spot. Then I came upon the Mike Urich Cabin, where some firefighters were doing trail magic, and had to stay there. I’d already done 21.6 miles for the day so I felt justified in stopping.

The cabin is maintained by a snowmobile club but open to public use. These guys were spending a week there to feed hikers. They already had a fire going in the woodstove, and it was taco night. The carne asada tacos were amazing! It’s nice to be indoors for the night too.



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  1. Nice to be indoors…..with firefighters. 😉 I would have stopped too.

  2. Wow . . .Firefighters who do trail magic! How cool is that!

  3. Sa-weeet!

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