Mount Tom

Amy is visiting so I decided to take her south and lower in elevation for a hike, hoping to still catch some foliage.  We went to Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park in Woodstock.  I’d only been there in winter before, but I love doing the same hike in different seasons and comparing them.

We parked at Prosper Road and took the McKenzie Farm Trail to McKenzie Road.  The park is full of old carriage roads that are nice and wide, great for snowshoeing and skiing in winter.


Next was the North Ridge Loop and onto the Pogue Loop to walk around the pond.  There was some tree cutting going on so a few side trails were closed and the smell of freshly cut wood was in the air.



We took the Mount Tom road the rest of the way up to South Peak at 1250′.  We enjoyed the view of Woodstock at the top and then heading back the way we came.




I never saw all the carved logs on my first hike in the park since they were covered in snow.  The three I saw this time weren’t even in particularly obvious places.  I wonder how many more there are?  That could be a scavenger hunt for later.



There was a only a little bit of fall color hanging on, but it was still a great 4 mile walk!


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  1. Ah, so gorgeous!
    I just put in an application to UVM so…maybe…

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