We left our awesome hobo camp this morning and hiked a little ways up the trail to USA Raft to go whitewater rafting. My first time! It was me, Stretch, Icarus, and Tech. We rafted about 9 miles down the Nolichucky River through class III and IV rapids. Of course the class IV rapids were first. I was a little nervous after all the warnings they gave us but our guide, Chris, was great, and we were the only raft out of four that didn’t have a man overboard. The rapids were so much fun! I had my feet really jammed into the raft so I wouldn’t go over. Twice, we did get stuck for a minute on a rock and had to all crowd to one end of the raft to get unstuck, but that was the most trouble we had. We stopped for a hot lunch about halfway through and were provided with hot showers when we got back. It’s a great rafting outfit!

Stretch and I debated going back to Uncle Johnny’s for the night but no cabins were open so we decided to just hike. We ended up doing 8.8 miles for the day, not bad after rafting! It had started raining lightly after lunch but it stopped a few miles into our hike, only to start again just as I finished cooking dinner. I didn’t get too wet though and made it into my tent after eating.

Wildlife sighting: Wild turkey.


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  1. The whitewater rafting sounds awesome. Totally on my bucket list. 🙂

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