I woke early and the rain was off and on but I didn’t feel like getting up yet. Of course, when I did want to get up, it was pouring. Stretch and I had to yell between our tents to hear each other because the rain was so loud. We continued laying there for most of the morning but eventually decided that it wasn’t going to let up and since it was the kind of rain where you and all your things would be immediately soaked upon leaving the tent, and most of our stuff was already wet from yesterday, we started trying to find a place to stay. Laying in a sleeping bag and not being able to move much for hours and hours is not ideal.

The next hostel ahead had openings but the shuttle would have been $50 each way because of how the roads are situated. It stinks to go backwards but we started looking in that direction. Uncle Johnny’s had no spots open. The rafting place, where we knew there was a cheap bunkhouse, wasn’t answering, and neither was another nearby rafting place. The campground had no shuttle. We called Miss Janet and she hooked us up with her friend Shepherd, who came and got us. He said there might be openings at Uncle Johnny’s so I called there again and found that there was one guy in a cabin looking for people to share, so we headed over there to grab the spots.

We had just been to Walmart with Shepherd but the hostel shuttle was going again soon after we got there so we hopped in to go get dinner at the Italian place nearby. There were so many people going that the shuttle had to run twice and we managed to eat in the time it took for the second one to get there, which saved us a three hour wait at the store. Back to the cabin to watch movies with Outside Dog and Oops. We watched Uncle Buck, Super Troopers, and Forrest Gump. There is quite a VHS collection available here.

Partway through the movies, there were suddenly termites flying everywhere. Oops was in here last night too and he said that hadn’t happened so it may have been because we turned the space heater on. We turned it off and opened the door again to cool it off and they mostly went away. It’s very annoying to have them all over our stuff and in our bags though. The hostel has nowhere else to put us, and we are not going to use the wasp spray they offered that specifically says never use indoors, so we are just killing them when possible.

We have a shuttle set up for tomorrow morning to get back out to the gap we came in from and back to hiking.