Oh, Canada!

We all made an effort to get out of camp a little earlier this morning, to be able to hang out at the Canadian border for a while. We went over many passes: Holman, Rock, Woody, Hopkins, Castle.


As much as I complain about the cold in the morning and at night, we really couldn’t have had more perfect weather in this last section. Late September in the Northern Cascades could’ve been way worse. We had blue skies and sun the whole time.


My group met up at the high point of the day, where it was finally all downhill to Canada. Then we all raced the last several miles down to the border.


I’ve been playing “The Final Countdown” every morning of this last section, just like I did on the AT, but the difference here is everyone loves it. Everyone on the AT started hating it, so I loved playing it to annoy them. Here, everyone hums it all day, and I’m starting to hate it.


We all made it to the border, took our photos, checked out the clear cut between the US and Canada, and walked a quarter mile into Canada to camp. It was a low key night, with no campfire, and we went to bed early. 19.8 miles today.


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  1. Awesome job, what’s next?

  2. Congrats! Let me pop some Canadian ice wine sparkling to celebrate. Cheers!

  3. YAY!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!!!

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