I woke up at 3:00, so I was more than ready for my alarm to go off at 5:00, and I was hiking at 6:00. It took almost an hour for light to reach the trail so it was headlamp hiking. Four of us were trying to get the 8.6 miles to Manning Park in time for the one Greyhound per day to Vancouver. The only problem was we didn’t know exactly what time the bus was.



We made it to the lodge and found out the bus was at 11:00 so we still had plenty of time. They gave us access to the pool house for free showers and then we had breakfast at the restaurant, finishing just in time for the bus.

I have a friend from the AT in Vancouver, Swami Bittergoat, and planned to meet up with him in the city. It was last minute but luckily he had the day off. We got to the city and walked to his neighborhood for poutine. It’s a thru hiker’s caloric dream but I surprisingly couldn’t even finish mine. Too many potatoes. Then we hung out on a patch of grass waiting for Swami and his friend Grace to get back from climbing.



Once they arrived, we grabbed pizza and beers to go have dinner in a park. More of Swami’s friends showed up and it was a blast. He didn’t have room to host all of us for the night, but Grace and Ale took us in and we got to stay in a beautiful high rise right downtown.


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  1. I love poutine!!

  2. Sounds like a great day!

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