Out of Belden

We went back across the river to Belden Town for breakfast at 8:00, but the cook hadn’t shown up and it was after 11:00 when I finally got my food. It was delicious though. I made a few phone calls and decided to go swimming before hitting the trail. The North Fork Feather River was nice and cool and we hung out in it for a while. Unfortunately, the fourteen mile climb out of town couldn’t be put off much longer.



It had been cool and breezy at the river, but as soon as I got on the trail, it was like stepping into an oven. The first several miles were exposed, and starting in early afternoon didn’t help. I made it up into the trees and stopped at a campsite to have early dinner and let the heat subside some. The hike wasn’t as hard after that.


I was starting to cut it close whether I’d get to the top or not before dark, but I was determined to have the hill finished today so I started pushing a little faster. The sun was setting as I got closer to the ridge, but I found Stretch set up there and got my tent up just before dark. 13.8 miles.


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  1. Nice pine cone!

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