Little Cub Spring

I was out of camp early today, with plans to make it to the midpoint marker of the trail by dinner. I kept running into people and stopping to hang out though, and the day went a little more slowly than anticipated.


All of the water sources were off trail today, so I picked the ones that were the least off trail to go to. Cold Spring was supposed to be 300′ off trail but was probably only half that. There was a pipe and trough set up there, just gushing with cold water.


Little Cub Spring said it was a third mile off trail, although it felt like more because it was very steep, down and then back up holding a bunch of water bottles.

I continued up the ridge from there, and we decided to stop before the midpoint to camp so we’d have more time to enjoy it in the morning. 21.1 miles today.



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  1. Beautiful last photo. 🙂

  2. I love the photo! 🙂

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