My “People You Should Know” feature is up in the last O.R. Daily.

There was no work to do today so we got a late start after the late night. Trying to pack all the new stuff I picked up here in the already full bags I brought was fun. Then Saveria and I headed to the convention center to walk around looking for deals. A lot of the booths will sell off their demo items for wholesale price. I don’t actually need any gear so I purposely didn’t get cash to tempt myself with. I did, however, pick up a Deuter Kid Comfort III for my brother – half price, baby!

After saying goodbye to the other Backpacker Reader Reporters, I went back to the hotel to pick up my bags and meet Jigsaw. I hiked near her for a while at the beginning of my AT hike and since she lives in Logan now, she invited me to visit when she saw I was coming to Utah. We went and checked out a hash for the afternoon, a very entertaining combination running/drinking club. So I got to walk (we focused on the social part of the club instead of the running part) several miles all through Salt Lake, through Memory Grove Park and City Creek Canyon. It’s fantastic that they have these parks right in the city.

We then drove up to Logan and after settling in, went to a social her department was having.