Jardine Juniper Trail

Jigsaw drove us out to Logan Canyon and we hiked on the Jardine Juniper Trail today. The trail looked pretty packed down so we initially thought we didn’t need snowshoes, but I really wanted to use mine since I brought them all the way to Utah, and a cross country skier just coming off the trail said he wished he’d had his snowshoes instead, so we put them on. They ended up being a little overkill on the wide, hard packed snow so we switched to MICROspikes and Yaktrax, which fit the current terrain much better. The higher up we got, the less people had been there before though, and the trail became less and less packed down. When we started postholing, we switched back to the snowshoes and it was so much fun. The one set of snowshoe tracks left in front of us disappeared and then we trailblazed a bit. We didn’t quite make it to the Jardine Juniper, a 1,500 year old juniper tree, since it was getting late and we wanted to finish before dark, but we still got a nice, long hike in, and it was much quicker on the way down.










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  1. The pix are beautiful. Especially the one with you standing by the tree.

  2. The orange in your straps bring out the orange in the tree. It’s amazing.

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