Another Ladies That Paddle night, another new Vermont body of water to explore.  This time, we hit up the Wrightsville Reservoir in Montpelier.

There is a dam at the southern end, so from the boat access off of Route 12, we headed to the north.  We passed a beach area on the west side of the lake which had just a couple of people hanging out.

The reservoir tapered as we went up, eventually becoming a very narrow inlet stream of the North Branch Winooski River.

The channel got more twisty as we approached the waterfalls at the top.  We were able to beach all the boats out of the current and climb around to explore.

I had trouble getting out of the little beach when we left because my boat is so long, the current would sweep one end of it back around a rock before I could get the other end pointed in the right direction.  We did that dance a couple of times before I just went with it and paddled out backwards until the channel widened enough for me to turn back the right way.

We had a beaver following us and smacking his tail here and there as we paddled by in the sunset, but I couldn’t get a photo in time.

It was another beautiful evening to be out on the water.  I wish it had occurred to me to bring my swimsuit.  Next time!