With the kayaks with us at Lamoka Lake, I wanted to go explore the channel to Waneta Lake, which contains the Waneta-Lamoka Wildlife Management Area.  It’s a beautiful spot but the most wildlife we saw were some young ducks traveling together.  Still, it was a relaxing float through the channel and we continued under the bridge to explore Waneta Lake a little bit too.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been on that lake before.  If I have, it’s been a really long time since.

We paddled about halfway up one side of Waneta, before needing to turn back due to time constraints.  We crossed over to the other side of the lake to head back to the channel.  I always like to pick out my dream lake house when I’m paddling around so I stick pretty close to the shore to creep on all the properties.

We slowed down to go through the channel again, hoping for more wildlife, and then picked up our speed to make it back across Lamoka Lake.  We paddled a little over 6 miles total.