Panther Creek

It rained most of the night but stopped fairly early this morning. I was camped under a tree so that kept dripping on my tent. I knew it wasn’t still rain as I could see a puddle nearby that wasn’t getting dripped on, but I had a good book to read and didn’t leave camp until 11:00.


It was a very peaceful and mostly level walk for the first six miles. It briefly rained again but I was in such dense tree cover that most of the rain didn’t make it down to me. I stopped at Panther Creek for a late lunch, where I had meant to camp last night.

The sun came out briefly while I ate, but it started pouring as I began a nine mile climb. The rain only lasted a couple of miles, and I reached a little ridge just as the sun reappeared. I stopped for a snack and to lay my tent out to dry.


At the top of the climb, I came upon a gorgeous view of Mount Adams. It was so unexpected, that made it all the more breathtaking. All of the rain has cleared away the smoke so when it’s not cloudy, I can actually see things again. I didn’t see any sign of the fire that has been burning on Adams so I’m optimistic that the trail closure I would hit this weekend might open up.


I made it to a campsite near a spring just at dark. It’s getting darker a lot earlier all of the sudden. Especially being in heavy trees, I want to be setting up camp by 8:00 at the latest.

16.5 miles today.


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  1. Those trails in Washington look ideal! That photo is breathtaking. 🙂

  2. Kris, the photos are breathtaking. So happy that you share them with us. Hope the head-burning has stopped and you don’t encounter any more winged beasts. XO

  3. Hope you have no lingering effect from your insect bite. Enjoy reading about your daily progress. Good luck as you continue on.

  4. Beautiful picture! I’ve been noticing that it’s been darker earlier here too.

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