It rained all night and looked like it was going to rain all day so I eventually stopped procrastinating and got out in the wet. It was only 8.3 miles to the RPH Shelter, where pizza delivery is available, so that was excellent motivation.

I haven’t had an all day rain in a while, but I always try to keep my feet dry as long as possible, hopping from slippery rock to slippery rock instead of just going through the puddles. My feet were soaked within an hour though so I was able to move a little faster once I accepted that and stopped avoiding the water. It’s actually fun to splash along.

I made it to the shelter at 2:15 and Stretch hadn’t ordered yet so we decided we might as well wait for Little Bear. He came in at 3:00 and when we called the pizza places, we found out delivery didn’t start until 4:00. It was only an hour so we decided to wait, but then our pizza didn’t arrive until 5:00.

The rain had stopped and the sun had come out for an hour or two so we were able to dry some gear out while we waited. But as we were finishing eating, a big thunderstorm started rolling through so we decided to grab bunks in the shelter instead of hiking further, with a very early start tomorrow.

There are a lot of hikers here tonight, including some southbounders, so we had a good time talking all evening.