Sierra City

It was only 8.5 miles into Sierra City this morning. Stretch and I briefly considered swimming under the bridge in the North Yuba River just before the road but it was too cold. We got a ride quickly at the road for the short distance into town.


We got dropped off at the country store, known for its milkshakes and one pound burgers. They also let hikers chill on the porch, charge electronics, and use wifi. Unfortunately, there were too many people on the wifi for it to be functional. The town has public bathrooms, free showers for hikers, and free camping at the church.

I got my chores done, picked up my new pack at the post office, and eventually went to dinner down the street. The plan had been to get back out to the trail, but it kept getting later and I decided to just sleep in town.

I did also get to play Cobain’s mandolin for a while this afternoon, and we ran into another AT ’13er, Beeline!



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  1. Did your old pack break?

  2. I love when you have productive, relaxing days! Sounds like a nice town for hikers 🙂

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