Still Kennedy Meadows

I woke up early again due to the sun. It’s cool enough on the deck of the store that I have to wear my jacket but it’s so hot out where my tent is. But that just meant I could hop in the first truckload of hikers over to Grumpy Bear’s tavern for breakfast.

When we got back, I considered starting to pack up my things but then Switchfoot asked if anyone would be interested in cutting his hair. I said I’d do it as long as he didn’t mind it being uneven and terrible looking, and he said okay. Stretch said she wanted a cut too so I went to borrow scissors from the store and get ready.

Switchfoot was first and it was looking pretty dire until Stretch brought her comb over, which made the cutting much more even. I did an excellent job if I do say so myself, and Switchfoot was happy with it. Stretch wasn’t there yet so Clark Kent jumped in line and asked me to trim up the bottom of his hair. He was happy with the results also. Stretch was the easiest, just wet it and cut straight across the bottom. Then I retired from my new career of hair cutting and went back to the deck.


The plan had been to hike out after lunch, but it is so hard to leave this place. We decided to double zero and get out early tomorrow morning before the store opens. That meant I had to close my tab at the store. It was quite large considering the bear can and all I’d eaten and drank and a couple of things I’d bought to add to my resupply. Oops.

It was a very relaxing double zero though. Everything around here is run on generators so there is no power when they close at night, there is no cell signal, and there’s definitely no wifi. We played yahtzee and did a puzzle.


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  1. lol. I need a haircut too! Did anyone cut your hair? 🙂

  2. You’re a woman of many hats!

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