Summer Solstice

June 21st is the Summer Solstice, or Hike Naked Day. Surprisingly few hikers took their clothes off today considering how many have been talking about it. Other people on the trail didn’t seem to mind, even park rangers. I was witness to one park ranger giving a wildflower talk to a group of people as a naked hiker went by: “Here we have some lovely purple flowers. And I’m not quite sure what that gentleman over there is doing.” Please. The rangers know what day it is. Most hikers had strategically placed bandanas at the ready any way.

I got a late start this morning because some whippoorwills kept me up half the night. It was quite chilly too and I had to put my long underwear on in the middle of the night. I spent my morning running to the Loft Mountain Wayside and then accidentally took a four hour long break there. The blackberry milkshakes lived up to the hype, so I had several. I finally made it back to the trail and got some more miles in, with 15.5 total for the day.


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  1. Loretta Lisowski June 22, 2013 — 6:59 am

    You’re amazing, Siren. How does one take a four hour break and still get over 15 miles covered?

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