Taylor Lake

I started late this morning because I was catching up on blog writing. Once I was hiking, it was fast moving though. Low elevation gain again, and easy terrain.


A lot of the water sources lately are lakes. They’re all a bit low and you can see land that is obviously usually underwater now on the shore. It looks like solid dirt until you try to walk on it and sink immediately into muck. Since this is surrounding all the lakes, I need to find a log that reaches from solid ground all the way into the water to walk out on to fill up my water bottles.


I got behind today working out a schedule for the rest of the week. I’ve pushed hard enough in Oregon until now that I can relax a little bit and still make my flight back east on the 23rd.

I did 26.3 miles to camp. The fifty extra minutes I spent in my tent this morning were matched with fifty minutes spent night hiking. Tomorrow I should finally finish before dark.


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  1. Can’t wait to see you the 24th! 🙂

  2. So excited to have you home soon!

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