We moved over to Elmer’s this morning, got cleaned up, then ran back downtown to the fest for the ice cream eating contest. I didn’t stand a chance but I got a free pint. My brunch also consisted of free soup, milk, and an apple from the hiker box, free soda from a day hiker, and a free hot dog from a stand. I could have had a free dinner later too, from the Ministry, but I’d already signed up for Elmer’s dinner, very delicious again of course.

The festival here was great, stuff going on all day. I won a pair of socks, bought a rain skirt, did not win the duck race, and listened to a bunch of live music and a talent show. There was a one block long parade that consisted of the warrior hikers, local kids on bicycles, and the current class of thru hikers. Only 4 of us joined and we got pelted with water balloons. After dinner there were a couple of bonfires and more live music. Tomorrow, back to the trail!


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  1. Sounds like you’re having the time of your life!! Miss you!

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