Trinity Alps Wilderness

I did not listen to my alarm this morning. Maybe tomorrow. However, I did make it up the hill in good time, and I found raspberry bushes right before entering the Trinity Alps Wilderness. I ate a few handfuls and moved on.


I caught up to some hikers I hadn’t seen since Southern California this afternoon, so I took a few too many long breaks chatting and did not make it as far as I planned. It was nice to hang out with both old and new friends.


The smoke seemed to be clearing some this morning, but it was back with a vengeance this afternoon. It was actually smokey enough that I could taste it and my eyes were stinging. A local at a trailhead told me that the reason the fires burn for so long is that they’re too big to actually put out. The firefighters just get them contained, and they eventually go out at the end of the season.


23.8 miles today. I am camped up on a ridge.

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  1. Those look like cobra lilies/CA pitcher plant. Pretty neat!

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