I woke up with my alarm at 1am but it was cloudy so I wasn’t able to see any meteors. I woke up again at 7:30 just as it was starting to rain. I quickly packed up and got my stuff into the hiker shed, then went across the street to the coffee shop for breakfast. Heavy thunderstorms were predicted all day so we decided to wait a bit and see what would happen. I got to finish charging things and read a bit and then Jungle Jym and I tried to figure out how to play backgammon. I think we’re missing some key points.

The rain had lightened and the forecast changed for the better so I decided to eat an early lunch and get back on the trail. When I got back from picking up some fruit at the grocery store, the hikers on the coffee shop porch said there’d been a Dermot Mulroney sighting. I’m not normally one to care about celebrities or bother strangers, but since I’m on the trail and it would make a good story, Whisper and I went creeping in the bookstore to follow this guy. It turned out to be a false alarm once we got a good look at him.

I got back to the trail and ran into some other hikers just back from NYC so stopped and talked to them for a bit. I finally really got moving and made good time except for one really long, steep downhill section filled with stone steps and climbing. After that, there was a very level and clear section for several miles along the Housatonic River. As I stopped to make dinner, Jungle Jym came by and swore he’d just exchanged hellos with Meryl Streep as she jogged by, and it was in the area that a power company employee he’d talked to in town said she lived. Missed it!

After dinner, I came up to Guinea Brook, which a sign told me was no longer safe to rock hop across, and a bypass trail was available if the water was too high. I didn’t want to take the bypass trail so I went up and down the brook for a little while, hoping to find an easy, dry way across. I finally decided just to get my feet wet and ford it since I’ll have to be doing that often enough the more north I get any way.

I made it into the Caesar Brook campsite just at dark and got setup and in my tent right before a big thunderstorm rolled in. 13.7 miles today.


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  1. Hi! Sorry I haven’t commented at all, but wanted you to know that someone else has been following along! Thanks for posting your notes, as I enjoy reading them! Truly an adventure that you will never forget!

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