Breakfast at Woods Hole this morning was delicious: egg/sausage/greens/tomato casserole, homemade bread and apple butter, peach crisp with homemade yogurt, and fruit. Afterwards I got a massage and again, it was geared towards hiker muscles. My legs felt great and he really worked the knot out of my left shoulder. I erased most of the effects when I started hiking really fast to catch up to Stretch and Bass though. My shoulder started hurting some again, although not as much as before.

More ridgewalking today, 10.4 miles with plenty of views into Pearisburg, where I was headed. My friend Caz from high school picked us up in town and took us back to her and her husband Scott’s house for a Memorial Day barbecue. First we stopped at the store to resupply and pick up stuff for chili cheese dogs, baked mac and cheese, salad, taco dip, and corn on the cob. They already had burgers and cookies and other snacks at home. Once again, my eyes are much bigger than even my hiker hunger and we have plenty of leftovers for breakfast.


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  1. So awesome you got to see Caz & Scott!! Wish I could have seen you!!! 🙂

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